[IronPython] "IronPython in Action" and "Pro IronPython"

Lepisto, Stephen P stephen.p.lepisto at intel.com
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"IronPython in Action" does a good job at explaining how to embed IronPython (an entire, lengthy chapter is devoted to it).  It answered several questions I had about the process.  It does not cover IronPython 2.6, but the approach is, I believe, very similar to 2.0.

I have not read "Pro IronPython".

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I am assuming the authors of these two books are possibly on this
mailing list, so I am not sure if this is really a good question to
ask :-) , but can anyone comment on these two books, their accuracy to
the latest IronPython versions and how they do at explaining embedding
the runtime to make applications scriptable and such?




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