[IronPython] Q:ASP.NET developing with IPY.Deploying on IIS or Apache?

Bernd Viehmann bernd.viehmann at gmx.net
Wed Jul 15 09:31:01 CEST 2009


I have just finished reading the ASP.NET part in the book "IronPython in 
Action" which is excellent. I have played a little bit with it using 
Visual Studio and it ooks like IPY will make the job of developing 
ASP.NET websites much easier. But unfortunatly in the book is nothing 
about deploying the work to an IIS web-server. I think this should be 
fixed in the next version of the book, Micheal & Christian ;-) Even if 
it might be easy until now I am unable to get things running.

So help me please:

What must be done when taking the *.aspx.py productive? Can not find an 
config-tutorial in the web.
Is IronPython stable enough to develop larger ASP.NET applications in 
Python? Is it recommended by Microsoft, or should we wait for .net 4.0?
Can it be done on Server 2003 and what IIS version is needed?
Can Apache on windows be used also with Mono? And Linux?

A lot of questions, I know. So you don't have to answer all of them. I 
will be happy for every answer that comes :-)


 Bernd (on the border between Germany and Netherlands)

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