[IronPython] Embedding IronPython and calling python functions from C#

Patrick van der Willik patrick at toolmaker.nl
Thu Jun 11 16:32:24 CEST 2009

I'm currently attempting to embed the IronPython 2 runtimes into an 
existing application written in C#. However, I find the amount of 
documentation lacking on what I'm trying to do. I currently have a 
proof-of-concept version which uses Lua and LuaInterface, but the people 
who have to write the scripts dislike Lua(Well, more hate it with a 
passion) and would love to see this working with Python.

My host application is a networked application that must trigger certain 
scripts functions on events generated by the connected clients. The idea 
is that when my application starts, it will load the IronPython script 
environment, launches an 'autoexec.py' which will load various other 
scripts files and do some housekeeping. Once this all is completed, it 
will start listening to incoming connections. However, in various 
scenarios, the application has to trigger scripted functions when data 
is received from a client. Which script function is called is different 
per client and per event. I have events for connecting, logging on, 
disconnecting and a set of data specific events after receiving data. 
This highly depends on the received packets.

My question here is: How do I embed IronPython in such a fashion that I 
can load my scripts and then trigger various functions within that? I've 
seen many examples that just call CreateScriptSourceFromString() or File 
each time in which just 1 piece of code is implemented. This is not 
suitable for the needs here because the scripted systems can become 
quite complex.

With regards,
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