[IronPython] Updates to Sympl Sample

Bill Chiles billchi at microsoft.com
Wed Jun 24 01:08:48 CEST 2009

I've updated the Sympl language sample to show how to support the DLR Hosting APIs.  Since the base sample works with only the bits we plan to put into CLR 4.0, and we expect to show some other examples with Sympl that use APIs shipping on Codeplex only, I have split the sources into two C# versions.  Most of the new code is in ...\languages\sympl\csharp-cponly\dlrhosting.cs, but there were also a few light changes to sympl.cs and runtime.cs.

We're pushing the sources to codeplex today on the Source Code tab.  I've also updated the Sympl and hosting documents on Codeplex.

To avoid over-promising :-), the sample shows basic DLR Hosting API support for:
*       Hosts supporting multiple languages for scripting.
*       Running Sympl code in DLR hosting scopes.
*       Fetching DLR host globals or object models from Sympl.
*       Offer extension services from the Sympl DLR engine.
The sample does not show some other DLR Hosting functionality such as:
*       Support for configuration options for the Sympl engine.
*       ObjectOperations with Sympl semantics.
*       Tokenizer service or other tooling support


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