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Echavarria Gregory, Maria Angelica m.echavarriagregory at umiami.edu
Fri Jun 26 16:54:03 CEST 2009

Good Morning Group,

I've been programming in Python (PythonWin32, ActiveState, Enthought...) for a year now. I have a new task of creating a stand alone application for Windows. I have my .py code already, now I'm looking for an easy to program (best if automatic programming) GUI.

I found Glade, then Autoglade but sadly only for Ubuntu-devian, now I found IronPython Studio, but haven't found any Tutorial or users manual, an example, nothing!! Could you please give me advise on:

What to use for my GUI - very automatic please
Documentation of IronPython, preferably Studio... anything would help, even examples. It's about time and my lack of GUI programming knowledge...
If this book IronPython in Action or the new Pro IronPython gives any help in my case...

Thanks so much,


M. Angelica Echavarria-Gregory, M.Sc., E.I.
Ph.D Candidate
University of Miami
Phone 305 284-3611

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