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There is a program on the net called cs2py, that will convert the gui code
produced by VS to python code for you. While this not a complicated process,
and can be done with search & replace in any good editor, it's less likely
to miss something.

Bob Drury

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> For a Windows Forms designer I use Visual Studio (Express) and compile
> the generated GUI into a class library which I import from IronPython.
> This technique, along with building Windows Forms applications in
> general is covered in IronPython in Action.

Thanks Michael and Brian, I will follow all your advice, two more questions
would be:

1.  Do the Python packages that I used to produce my code (Numpy, Scipy,
Sympy, pylab, matplotlib, Mayavi2) would load and execute using IronPython
as you recommend?  I read in a blog by Michael that libraries of regular
Python do not work... please advice this need.


> Replace "this" with "self",
> get rid of any existence of "new", convert any true or false values to
> or False, remove the semicolons (not required though), etc. A few
f> ind-and-replaces turns C# code into working Python code :)

2).  Not highly important since I can look up in the web (don't think I'm
lazy, it's a matter of time) but: if there is on your wiki or maybe in the
issues, a complete list of equivalences between C# and Python when coding
GUIs... I haven't touched C (turbo C++) in 10 years... to do the replacement
Brian talks about. 

Thanks for your very quick reply,
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