[IronPython] How come I cant import time or threading in IronPython

Jonatan Nilsson blackman at simnet.is
Wed Mar 18 17:07:41 CET 2009

Thank you for your quick response.

I tried doing what you asked me.
I added the following to the engine code:

ScriptEngine engine = Python.CreateEngine();
engine.SetSearchPaths(new string[] { "C:\\Program 
Files\\IronPython-2.0.1\\Lib\\", "C:\\Python25\\Lib\\" });

When I run the following python code:

import sys
import threading

It prints out:
['C:\\Program Files\\IronPython-2.0.1\\Lib\\', 'C:\\Python25\\Lib\\']

Still it crashes with the same message:
"No module named thread"

When I go into the "C:\Program Files\IronPython-2.0.1\Lib\threading.py" 
I find the following:
    import thread
except ImportError:
    del _sys.modules[__name__]

I am wondering that maybe it is not finding "thread" because I am using 
C# and the "thread" is a C library...

Also when I try to run "import time" it also complains that module time 
doesn't exist. This is true cause there is no time.py in the Lib folder. 
Maybe I have a faulty install or not the complete Python installed in my 

Jonatan Nilsson

Michael Foord wrote:
> These libraries you are attempting to import are Python standard 
> library modules. To import them you must have the Python standard 
> library available - and on sys.path for the engine being used to do 
> the imports.
> You set sys.path programattically using engine.SetSearchPaths (?) 
> passing in an array of strings.
> All the best,
> Michael Foord
> BlackMan890 wrote:
>> Hi there.
>> this has probably been answered before but I cant seem to find the 
>> answer.
>> When I run "import time" in python through IronPython using C#, an 
>> exception
>> occurs with the message: "no module named time".
>> The same thing happens when I run "import threading" except with a 
>> different
>> exception: "No module named thread"
>> Why am I encountering there problems?
>> Sincerely:
>> Jonatan Nilsson
>> Iceland

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