[IronPython] .NET casts in IronPython

Carolyn Johnston (MSNAR) carolj at microsoft.com
Fri Mar 27 19:25:26 CET 2009

You are trying to apply C++ and C# thinking to Python.  This is a
fundamental philosophical difference between the languages.  Python
doesn't care what the object IS.  Python only cares what it EXPOSES.  If
it has a GetName() method, you can call it, no matter what the object
ancestry was. -- tim

Well, C++ was my first language -- but I am a huge fan of Python and IronPython. Since I've dived into the deep end philosophically, I may as well push it a bit further.

One of the most useful aspects of IronPython for me is the way that I can use IronPython as a loosely typed test environment for .NET classes that I've built in C#. Suppose I have a class B which is a subclass of A, which both define a function f(x). Suppose I have an object of class B on which (for some purely hypothetical reason) I want to run A.f(x) rather than B.f(x). This is clearly at the interface of .NET design and Pythonian antiObjectian philosophy. Here's my question: is it doable within IronPython, or is it not? And if so, how?

:) Carolyn

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