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First off, it hasn't been three years: a refresh was released 8 months ago, and sent to this very list:

Secondly, rather than just producing these one off releases (where are very taxing on the team), we're doing it right and getting the source code released and Ms-Pl'd, so we can include it on Codeplex sources, builds, and nightly builds. Then it can be included in each IronPython release, just like Silverlight binaries are.

Lastly, IronRuby and IronPython are programming languages, made by programming language teams. We're very interested in running as many existing Ruby and Python programs as possible. It just so happens that Django and Rails are popular, complex pieces of software that help find bugs, and give the languages street cred for running them. If those web frameworks didn't run, theirs probably something wrong with our language.

Running in ASP.NET and MVC require a significant amount of work outside of the language, so it really isn't a language team's purpose to build that. Sure they provide good demos as conferences or blog posts, but they'll only be toys. We've invested in those technologies before, which is why the ASP.NET and Silverlight integration exists, but no one is working on enabling web-technologies full-time (though I have spurts of diving back into Silverlight from time to time). If you don't like the level of investment in dynamic languages for Microsoft web technologies, that's something that you should communicate to the ASP.NET team; Phil Haack (http://www.haacked.com) or Dmitry Robsman (http://blogs.msdn.com/dmitryr) are good people to address.


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Is there any update for IronPython for ASP.Net?

It has been three years since IronPython support for ASP.Net introduced with the release of the whitepaper (http://www.asp.net/DynamicLanguages/whitepaper/) and the first binary. Since then I think we've had Katrina, a Beijing Olympic, a new President, a financial collapse and two James Bond movies - yet until now there is still no up to date support for the technology. I know that the legal team, etc are working on the source release, but I think it is pretty galling that Microsoft's own web framework stack is barely supported by its own dynamic language technology, both on the 'classic' ASP.Net and MVC stack. I mean there is more energy put into having IronPython and IronRuby to run Django and RubyOnRails web framework instead of ASP.Net stack. This just doesn't make sense to me.

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