[IronPython] C# 4.0 DynamicObject in IronPython

R. Bear Smith rbear at rbear.net
Thu May 28 05:03:25 CEST 2009

Thanks.  That was the next thing I was gonna try was using a later dlr and see if I could get it working,  Guess it will be beta2 before they are in sync again 

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We actually discovered there's a bug in IronPython that prevents DynamicObject from working right.  Member access is fixed in the current IronPython builds but those probably aren't compatible w/ Beta 1 due to some DLR breaking changes.  


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Hi, I am trying to use a c# 4.0 class that derives from dynamicobject in the dlr for net 4.0 release with ironpython.  I am just basically trying to emulate the simple example from the pdc of using one of these classes from ironpython at this stage.  The problem is the class seems to be exposed as just a normal class with all its members like trygetmember,trysetmember exposed.  Any member access that should go to trygetmember and the other override methods returns with AttributeError - object has no attribute foo.  The class functions properly from within c#.  Just wondering if there is a known issue with this or if I am missing some extra step that has been introduced since earlier demos of this functionality.




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