[IronPython] Safe execution of python scripts on my .net application

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Mon Nov 2 22:25:19 CET 2009

Assuming the app domain is setup properly then there's no way for the Python code to elevate permissions (modulo CLR security bugs which are few and far between).  This is because IronPython its self is 100% security transparent and does not affect any security decisions or assert any form of trust - so it's all up to the CLR to limit permissions.  So for example while you can access the file object, or import ctypes, or call various other Python APIs which would require trust you'll get a security exception from the CLR when you don't have permissions to do something.

For more complex scenarios you might also have an object model which you expose to the application and inject in via its scope.  Once you've done that you'll want to make sure that the object model is also secure.

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Thanks for your response.

But what happens with the python code? Does not exist a way to write some scripts that can do some damage to my app, the server, the database, etc?

Thanks again,

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After creating your app domain you can do:

ScriptEngine engine = Python.CreateEngine(someAppDomain);

And then the rest of your code should work as it's written.

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Sorry, I don't know if my previous message have arrived. So, here it is:

Hello all,

I am starting with python and I would like to add to my web application some web services. This services will allow the different clients of my application to execute some python scripts.

I would like to know if someone did this before and how can I do this in a secure way. I mean, how can I do to restrict the environment where the scripts will be executed.

In .net I can do this using the AppDoman and setting the permission set.

AppDomain.CreateDomain( string friendlyName,
                        Evidence securityInfo,
                        AppDomainSetup info,
                        PermissionSet grantSet,
                        params StrongName[] fullTrustAssemblies);

Is there a way to do the same with my python scripts?

I am running them using this:

ScriptEngine engine = Python.CreateEngine();
ScriptSource source = engine.CreateScriptSourceFromString(scriptAsString);
ScriptScope scope = engine.CreateScope();

Thanks in advance.

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