[IronPython] Reproducing an C# array of floats

Daniel D. olomen at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 4 21:48:21 CET 2009

Hi Dino, thanks for the quick reply.

Now I'm using System.Single instead float but the error persists.

For some reason the Read (ref. http://is.gd/4Ngjt) method of SlimDX.DirectSound.CaptureBuffer isn't accepting the array reference properly.

Maybe I should try the Microsoft.DirextX.DirectSound lib, but it's been a little bit difficult to find good references about IronPython+DirectSound (probably by own  fault).

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Subject: Re: [IronPython] Reproducing an C# array of floats

float in Python is actually double in C#.  You probably want:


from System import Single


System.Array.CreateInstance(Single, …)


And so on.



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Hi all,

Sorry for the silly question. I'm quite new to ironpython and I've been trying
to solve this issue for the last 3 hours.

I'm not able to reproduce this code in IronPython. 

float[] sample = new float[8192/sizeof(float)]

I've tried the following but nothing seems to work in my specific case:

System.Array.CreateInstance(float, (8192/4))



I'm trying to use the SlimDX to capture the microphone input, and pass it to
NumPy to do same FFT stuff.

The original C# code is here:

And here my modified version

import clr


from SlimDX import *

from System import *

captureDevice = DirectSound.DirectSoundCapture()

waveFormat = Multimedia.WaveFormat()

waveFormat.FormatTag = Multimedia.WaveFormatTag.IeeeFloat # For Int16, change
to Pcm

waveFormat.BitsPerSample = 32 # Floats are 32 bits

waveFormat.BlockAlignment = (waveFormat.BitsPerSample/8)

waveFormat.Channels = 1

waveFormat.SamplesPerSecond = 44100

waveFormat.AverageBytesPerSecond =

bufferDescription = DirectSound.CaptureBufferDescription()

bufferDescription.BufferBytes = 8192

bufferDescription.Format = waveFormat

bufferDescription.WaveMapped = False

buffer = DirectSound.CaptureBuffer(captureDevice,bufferDescription)


#float[] sample = new float[8192/sizeof(float)];

#sample = Array.CreateInstance(float, (8192/4))

#sample = clr.Reference[Array[float]](8192/4)

sample = Array[float]([(8192/4)])

while (True):

    #print sample    

    print buffer.Read(sample, 0, True);    


.... which is generating the following error

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents>ipy

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "sound_capture_test.py", line 34, in sound_capture_test.py

TypeError: Read() takes at least 2147483647 arguments (3 given)


Any help will be very appreciated. 



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