[IronPython] Fail to execute "import System" on Silverlight embedded interpreter

Kay Schluehr kay at fiber-space.de
Wed Nov 11 12:41:56 CET 2009

Jimmy Schementi schrieb:
> Kay,
> This are a couple bad bugs in the current sources; we desperately need to have better test coverage on embedding IronPython in a C# Silverlight app (hopefully I'll get time for that next month). In the meantime, here are fixed, unsigned binaries: http://github.com/jschementi/orphanage/tree/master/embedding-ipy/Dependencies/. The IronPython and DLR sources should have the fix in the next couple days, and we'll discuss getting these fixes in for 2.6 RTM.
Hi Jimmy,

I just finished tracking down the problem in the DLR myself and created 
a quick fix i.e. a fix which "just works" without any deeper 
understanding of the underlying import machinery and its data access. 
Thanks to you and Michael.

Regards, Kay

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