[IronPython] Using a struct from OpenMetaverse assembly

matan keret matan504 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 16:55:16 CET 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use the UUID struct from OpenMetaverse assembly (this is C#
code) from IronPy 2.0.3.
I'm using:

asm2 = clr.LoadAssemblyByName(*'OpenMetaverse'*)
OpenJPEG = asm2.OpenMetaverse.Imaging.OpenJPEG

in order to use OpenJPEG class. this works fine, but when i try to do:

UUID = asm2.OpenMetaverse.UUID

I get an error that there is no such 'UUID'.
also tried:

OpenMeta = asm2.OpenMetaverse

and calling: OpenMeta.UUID
but no luck.

to see more about OpenMetaverse and UUID struct (under OpenMetaverse
namespace): http://lib.openmetaverse.org/docs/0.7/

any ideas?
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