Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Fri Nov 20 11:02:55 CET 2009

David Seruyange wrote:
> It's been a while since I've written some IronPython. By reflex/memory 
> I was going to set IRONPYTHONPATH but wondered if anything had changed 
> w/r/t the Python Standard Library. Just for the sake of interest I ran 
> "import this" with IronPython 2.6 RC2 and I do get The Zen of Python. 
> Pretty trite but that didn't work w/o setting the aforementioned 
> environment variable beforehand.

If you install IronPython 2.6 then you get the working parts of the 
Python standard library and they are automatically on sys.path - no need 
to set IRONPYTHONPATH just to get the standard library.

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> David
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