[IronPython] v1.1 IronPython.CodeDom.PythonProvider

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Hi Owen,

As far as I know if you want to compile a python code you could use:
clr.CompileModules(.). Or you could use the pyc.py provided in the
IronPython2.0 Samples download.


ipy.exe pyc.py /main:winforms_hw.py /target:winexe which will produce a
winforms_hw.dll as well. I'm not sure if you could use these compiles
assemblies from C# or VB but with Ironpython it should be possible. I'm not
sure if this is what you were looking for but hope it helps.




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I am attempting to upgrade a component from iron python 1.1 to 2.6 that was
previously using the PythonProvider to compile python code into a .NET
assembly.  It looks like this is no longer present in 2.6.  Is this correct?
Are their any plans to resurrect it?  The biggest difficulty I am facing is
not that we require the code to be compiled in an assembly but that
reflection used to return methods in an python class.  Now reflecting on a
python class (that subclasses a given .NET class) only returns the .NET
class members.




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