[IronPython] IronPython Training in New York, January 21st 2010

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Sun Nov 29 21:30:50 CET 2009

Hello all,

In association with Holdenweb Training [1] I'll be doing some IronPython 
training in New York in January (21st).

The course is called "IronPython from the Ground Up": 

Course details:

    Michael Foord is an early adopter of IronPython, having used it for 
(among other things) the creation of the Resolver One Python-driven 
spreadsheet product. He is the author of Manning's IronPython in Action 
and a well-known speaker at Python conferences throughout the world.

    IronPython is the implementation of Python for the .NET framework 
and Mono. IronPython combines the power of the .NET framework with the 
expressiveness and flexibility of the Python programming language. In 
this workshop you'll get hands on experience with using IronPython: from 
the basics of integrating with the framework assemblies and classes to 
embedding IronPython in .NET applications.

    This workshop is aimed at .NET developers with an interest in 
IronPython, and Python developers interested in IronPython. We'll cover 
how IronPython integrates with the .NET framework, including some of the 
tricky details that previous experience of Python or C# alone won't have 
prepared you for. We'll also be covering the IronPython hosting APIs and 
how to embed IronPython.

    Reasons you might want to consider IronPython include:

    * Using Python libraries from .NET
    * Using .NET libraries from Python
    * Writing multi-threaded Python code without a GIL
    * Embedding IronPython in .NET applications for user scripting
    * Exploring new assemblies and classes with the interactive interpreter
    * System administration and scripting
    * Developing for Silverlight (Python in the browser)

Previous programming experience of Python is assumed, but no specific 
experience with Python or .NET is required. Places are limited, so 
reserve yours straight away.
Course Outline

The Interactive Interpreter

Getting started with IronPython, basic .NET integration, executing 
IronPython scripts. Using the interactive interpreter as a tool to 
explore live assemblies and classes.

IronPython for Python Developers

Why should a Python developer be interested in IronPython? From 
multithreading without a GIL, to multiple and sandboxed Python engines, 
to native user interface libraries (plural!) on Windows or even cross 
platform development with Mono; we'll be looking at some of what the 
.NET framework and IronPython has to offer Python developers.

Python for .NET Developers

A whirlwind guide to Python syntax and the wonders of dynamic languages 
for .NET programmers.

Tools and IDEs

A rundown of the options for developing with IronPython and the 
different IDEs available, including their different capabilities. 
Application Development with IronPython

Using Python and .NET libraries to build applications with IronPython. 
 From simple scripting system administration tasks, to web applications 
to desktop applications. Using Ironclad for compatibility with Python C 
extensions, using the Python standard library and working with the .NET 

Advanced .NET Integration

Using a dynamic language on a statically typed framework. Many of the 
features of the .NET framework require specialised knowledge to use them 
from IronPython; including making use of new features in IronPython 2.6 
like the __clrtype__ metaclass. Embedding IronPython and the IronPython 

Using the IronPython hosting API for embedding in .NET applications. 
This can be used for creating hybrid applications with parts in C# and 
user scripting. With Pyc the compiler tool it can also be used for 
deploying IronPython applications as binary form. We'll also see how 
.NET 4 makes interacting with IronPython and the Dynamic Language 
Runtime simpler from C#. Python in the Browser with Silverlight

The basics of creating a Silverlight application with IronPython and the 
development process. Plus an overview of the APIs available in 
Silverlight; for building user interfaces, making web requests, and 
interacting with Javascript and the browser DOM.

There will also be plenty of time for Q&A throughout the session.

All the best,

Michael Foord

[1] http://holdenweb.com/py/training/


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