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No, currently the caching isn't customizable, but the caching is just the compiled code; the output of the HTML page is not cached at all by the DLR integration, so authentication should work just fine.

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Is there any way to control the when IP for ASP.Net does the caching?

I have been using VirtualPathProvider to serve IP ascx/aspx code on demand but I have to disable the caching  completely via public override CacheDependency GetCacheDependency because I need to server different codes depending on authentication.
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Pablo, what is the reason you are looking into obfuscation? Is it because you're concerned that people could make requests for your *.aspx.py files and see the Python source? By default any request for a *.aspx.py file should fail because that file extensions is not in the MIME type map on IIS. That should be enough for any obfuscation you need.

Note that C#/VB "obfuscation" through compiling to DLLs isn't really obfuscation either; if you had access to the DLL you could get all the source code. However, IIS by default refuses access to the "bin" directory. So, the methods of hiding source code are essentially the same between static and dynamic languages; refuse access to the actual source files.

Quick note on compiled modules: Microsoft.Web.Scripting.dll caches compiled Python modules, so on the first visit to an ASPX page that uses IronPython it compiles the code-behind .aspx.py file in memory, and subsequent visits reuses the compiled file. The Python file is only re-compiled if it's changed between requests.


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If you want to hide your logic from the source, move as much of the functionality to a dll, whether it is a static or ironpython dll. I don't think IronPython for ASP.Net supports compilable asp.net<http://asp.net>.
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Hi there,

now I got to work the dlls and I did a small app. which turns my asp.net<http://asp.net> .py codefile into 2 pieces, a .py codefile which makes only functions calls to a dll with the actual logic code. But I was wondering why IronPython for asp.net<http://asp.net> was designed without having in mind to allow the .aspx files to be tied with dlls for the sourcecode, for allowing obfuscation just like it's possible to make in VB.NET<http://VB.NET> or C#. Or may be it just wasnt easy at all to do that for IronPython? Is the technical explanation too complicated or may I know about it? Is there information about this somewhere?

Greetins, Pablo

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