[IronPython] ImportError: No module named

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Try changing the suffix on the files to be .py instead of .ipy.  It appears that in IronPython 2.0 and 2.6, the import statement requires the modules to end in .py -- at least in the situation you are describing.

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Hi all,

I am moving some code from Python to IronPython (latest) so I can
access Excel XLSX files.  The code is a loose bunch of files in a
single directory.


Within main.ipy, I do:
   from accessFunctions import *
Which gives:
   ImportError: No module named accessFunctions

Checked the path.  That's ok.  So I googled, and found Ben Hall's
blog: http://blog.benhall.me.uk/2008/05/ironpython-classes-within-separate.html
Which shows that it should work....

Any ideas ?

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