[IronPython] 2.6.1 implements ssl module, but it crash...

qiuyingbo at sohu.com qiuyingbo at sohu.com
Wed Apr 14 12:03:54 CEST 2010

I noticed that there is a wrap_socket() argument: suppress_ragged_eofsThe parameter suppress_ragged_eofs specifies how the SSLSocket.read() method should signal unexpected EOF 
from the other end of the connection. If specified as True (the 
default), it returns a normal EOF in response to unexpected EOF errors raised 
from the underlying socket; if False, it will raise the exceptions back to the 
caller.But not working ----- 原文 ----- 发件人: qiuyingbo at sohu.com 主 题: Re: [IronPython] 2.6.1 implements ssl module, but it crash...时 间: 2010年4月14日  11:48:07I traced the bug and found it occurred when our imap server close connection after imap authentication.It seems that SSLSocket.read() cannot raise exception in this situation. It return 0.Then IMAP4_SSL.readline() go into infiniteloop:         def readline(self):            """Read line from remote."""            line = []            while 1:                char = self.sslobj.read(1)                line.append(char)                if char == "\n": return ''.join(line)I would modify imaplib.py to resolve the problem. But I think it's a bug of SSLSocket.read(), right?
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