[IronPython] Still stuck on rich editor with IronPython and Silverlight

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Fri Apr 23 01:53:36 CEST 2010

> On 23/04/2010 00:10, Lukas Cenovsky wrote:
> > I think when AppManifest.xaml is in app folder, Chiron won't generate it.
> >
> That is correct - which means when we add (or remove) an assembly we
> have to also manually add it to the AppManifest because Chiron will no
> longer do it for us...

You don't need to save the AppManifest.xaml to disk, just change Silverlight\bin\Chiron.exe.config (in your IronPython installation directory). It's a very simple change to the <AppManifest.xaml> section: where it says RuntimeVersion change its value to "4.0.50401.0". This will cause Chiron.exe to generate the appropriate AppManifest.xaml for you, regardless of whether or not you want to generate it to disk.

However, if you don't want to change every installation of IronPython that you have, saving the AppManifest.xaml to disk is totally fine, and will still work in the scenario you're describing. Chiron does NOT do any detection of assemblies in your app and add them to the AppManifest.xaml, because it doesn't need to. The AppManifest.xaml's <AssemblyParts> section is the equivalent of "Add Reference" in a C# Silverlight app. In Python, that just translates to a clr.AddReferenceToFile; there is no need to list it in the AppManifest.xaml. Even listing it in the AppManfiest.xaml still requires you to do use clr.AddReferenceToFile, as the DLR integration does not load AssemblyParts for Python to use (maybe it should, but it doesn't today).


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