[IronPython] Compile IronPython Script to EXE on Linux

Ben Rousch brousch at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 22:32:19 CEST 2010

OS: Ubuntu 9.10 using IronPython PPA
IronPython Version: IronPython 2.6 Beta 2 DEBUG ( on .NET
Mono Version: Mono JIT compiler version 2.4.4 (Debian

I'm having trouble compiling any IronPython script to EXE on Linux.
The scripts compile fine on IronPython2.6 on Windows. The DLL
generated by the script before the exe step seems correct.

I am using the pyc.exe script downloaded from:

I am using a command like: ipy pyc.exe /main:hello.py /target:exe

The error is: SystemError: Method is not VarArgs method and optional
types were passed

And it comes on this line:    gen.EmitCall(OpCodes.Call,
clr.GetClrType(Assembly).GetMethod("GetEntryAssembly"), ())

The simplest example script is:
import clr
print "Hello world"

  Ben Rousch
  brousch at gmail.com

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