[IronPython] How to install 3rd part packages into IronPython ?

David Shieh mykingheaven at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 04:43:25 CEST 2010

Hi Vernon,

I am so glad your gave me such a good choice. But what I really want to use
is sqlalchemy, and it is sqlalchemy asked for MySQLdb. So I have 3 choices
1. use other driver like adodbapi or mysql connector for .net, however, in
this way, I can't use any ORM(I dont feel like writing one).
2. hack sqlalchemy and make it support a .net connector. I think it is
3. install MySQLdb anyway.

As I don't have much time, so I chose mysql connector for .net, it can be
downloaded on www.mysql.com and easy to use.

2010/4/28 Vernon Cole <vernondcole at gmail.com>

> David:
>   If I may humbly suggest:  don't use mySQLdb.  Usehttp://sourceforge.net/projects/adodbapiwhich works very well with IronPython, thank you, and is also fully db api
> 2.0 compliant.  mySQL is one of the three database engines, along with
> ACCESS (jet) and MS-SQL which I use to test it.
>   For IronPython it uses the dumbest possible installation method: unzip
> the package and copy it to the site-packages folder of your choice.  The
> examples in the 'tests' sub-directory contain a working mySQL
> connection string for a sample.
>   If there are features of mySQLdb which you feel are lacking in adodbapi,
> please let me know and I will see if they can be added.
> --
> Vernon Cole
> P.S.: The new release of IPy has uncovered a bug in Decimal and binary data
> types. I have a fix, and if all tests pass I'll upload a new version later
> today or tomorrow.  It will be version 2.3.0 with some significant new
> features (like switchable paramstyle.)
> > On 27/04/2010 07:19, David Shieh wrote:
>> >
>> > Hi guys,
>> > I don't whether somebody else asked this question, but I am really
>> confused
>> > about this.
>> > I have already installled IronPython2.6 and add it into my system's
>> path, so
>> > I can directly type ipy to start IronPython2.6.
>> > So I tried " ipy setup.py install" to install MySQLdb, but it give me an
>> > error said no module named setuptools. Then I download setuptools and
>> > install it, it gave me an error:
>> > No module named pkg_resources.
>> > Why doesn't IronPython2.6 ship with a setuptools like easy_install ?
>> > Now, I can't install any 3rd party package and don't know how to fix it.
>> > Regards,
>> > David
>> > --
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