[IronPython] Embeddable IDE?

Hernan Martinez-Foffani Silva hernan.martinez at ecc.es
Wed Apr 28 11:28:09 CEST 2010

Now that IDEs for IronPython seems a popular topic, I would like to ask if
anyone can recommend me an *embeddable* IDE.
Our customers can already drive many of our application functions through
IronPython scripts. But we want to make a step forward and give them the
ability to extend and customize by the means of IronPython scripts plugins.
While just publishing an API would be enough technically speaking, I think
that in this case the best approach would be to also embed a small IP editor
and debugger.

Things I need:
- Easily embeddable (*).
- Python syntax highlight.
- Step-by-step debugger.
- Object instrospection when debugging.
- Small and compact.

Nice to have, but unimportant.
- Object instrospection when editing (aka. "Intellisense")
 - command interpreter.
- Object modification when debugging.

Don't need:
- Project management.
- SCM integration.
- form designer.
- IP compiler.

Do you know such a beast?

Best Regards,

(*) In this context "easily embeddable" I understand that it should have
an easy way to strip out menu items and toolbars and replace them with our
a debugger linked to an IP compiled by us,
and a suitable distribution license.
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