[IronPython] Dirstributing scripts as Exe

David DiCato ddicato at microsoft.com
Fri Apr 30 00:13:46 CEST 2010

This is probably an assembly load failure. Try copying "c:\Program Files\IronPython 2.6"\*.dll into your program directory. You will also need to make sure that sys.path is properly set if you're using the CPython standard lib for anything.

We realize this is kind of an undesirable workaround, which is why we're planning to put all of IronPython's required DLLs in the GAC at some point in the future.

- David

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Dear all,

In CPython there is py2exe to distribute scripts as exe. I notice
there is pyc.py scripts in IronPython\Tools. I tried to use pyc to
compile one simple script. It produced an exe file. But when I tried
to run the exe file, Windows complained: 'Windows stop working...'.
Did I do something wrong?

Mico | mico.siahaan at gmail.com | @bangmico
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