[IronPython] Announcing adodbapi version 2.4.0 -- with COLUMN NAMEdata access

Ishe Chinyoka chinyoka.consultant at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 02:15:57 CEST 2010

Thanks for this database tool, but where on earth can one download this? 

I had been looking for such a tool to connect my apps to databases. Thanks.

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  Announcing a new version of adodbapi...

  [ for those who may not know...
  [ adodbapi is a pure Python package which fully implements the PEP-249 db-api
  [ using Microsoft ADO/db.
  [ It runs on CPython versions 2.3 and later, IronPython 2.6 and later,
  [ or Python 3.0 and later.

  I have often been frustrated by the need to count '?' marks for input parameters
  and remembering column numbers to get my SQL output.  
  This release fixes that by allowing the use of 'named' parameters as an option, 
  and by returning 'SQLrow' objects which allow the use of column names.

  This version includes a distutils setup.py file, so installation is easy. 
    1) unzip
    2) "cd" to the directory you just unzipped.
    2) Execute the command:
            python setup.py install
        using the python distribution of your choice.
  It even runs 2to3 automatically if you run it using a 3.n Python.
  (Why didn't I do this years ago?)

  NOTE:  on Vista (and 7?) you must run setup.py using the administrator account to install on IronPython,
  because setup.py does not elevate privileges for the source installer.
  (Distutils can create a stand-alone binary installer which does elevate privileges, but that feature is not yet supported by IronPython because it has no zip library.)

  ALSO NOTE: I have _used_ this package with IronPython 2.7.A1, but not _tested_ it, because 2.7's unittest package is broken.

  Here's what's new............................

  * adodbapi version 2.4.0 -- in this version,
     "fetchall()" and "fetchmany()" return an SQLrows object 
     ...which emulates a sequence of SQLrow objects.
     "fetchone()" or the cursor's "next()" method return an SQLrow object.
     An SQLrow object emulates a tuple of data fields.
     An SQLrow object also appears to have an attribute for each column of data.
     >>> import adodbapi
     >>> myConnection = adodbapi.connection('someDSN')
     >>> cur = myConnection.cursor()
     >>> cur.execute("select name, rank, serialNumber from soldiers")
     >>> row = cur.fetchone()
     >>> assert row[0] == row['name']
     >>> assert row[1] == row.rank
     >>> rows = cur.fecthall()
     >>> assert rows[4,'serialNumber'] == rows[4][2]

  * adodbapi version 2.3.0 -- this is includes major refactoring and
     specifically adds features for django support, including the ability for the
     programmer to change ado's SQL "paramstyle" at run time to select between
     'qmark', 'format' and 'named' methods of passing SQL parameters.
  ** also, in response to user requests, adodbapi will now use client-side
     cursors by default.  This will make rowcount and stored procedure return 
     parameter values more readily available.


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