[IronPython] Trouble with IP 7.0 and VS 2010

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Mon Aug 9 22:54:03 CEST 2010

I haven't seen it - do you have any other extensions installed in VS?

Any chance you can download windbg (http://www.windbg.org/) and attach and
report back any CLR exceptions you're seeing?  There will certainly be a
lot of them but you can start windbg using:

"%ProgramFiles%\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86)\windbg.exe" "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe"

Then once windbg starts type into the prompt at the bottom:

sxe ld clr.dll

When it stops type:

.loadby sos clr
sxe -c "!pe; !ClrStack; g" clr
sxe -c "kb30; g" eh

And then send the contents of windbg's output back?  I can take a look at it
and see if anything obvious jumps out.

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> Hi forum
> I've been trying to install IronPython 2.7A1 from codeplex on my Windows
> 7 box running VS 2010 Pro.  However as soon as I install IP and open VS
> 2010, VS2010 hangs, and I can't even open a VB code file.  Whenever I
> attempt to open a file VS 2010 gives me the following error:
> Internal error occurred. Additional information: "."
> As soon as I uninstall IronPython 2.7A1, VS2010 starts working properly
> again.
> I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling VS 2010 several times, but I
> still can't get it to load-up properly with IronPython 2.7A1 installed.
> Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Any ideas on how I might correct
> it.  I was hoping to have a IronPython/ASP.NET website ready for a
> simple demo this Thursday, but am getting nowhere fast.  I have written
> a number of IronPython libraries to control a XBee transceiver as part
> of a Smart Home application I'm developing, and want to show that I can
> switch a fan on/off from a web app remotely.
> Many thanks for any tips and guidance.
> Kurt
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