[IronPython] Chasing memory leak in IronPython scripts

Lukas Cenovsky cenovsky at bakalari.cz
Wed Aug 18 08:27:52 CEST 2010

  On 18.8.2010 7:25, yngipy hernan wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have an IronPython script that is using/talking to COM server. I am 
> not sure if I have a memory leak but the IronPython Private Byte keeps 
> on growing. I haven't seen it run of memory but I might be leaking memory.
> Essential I am using an interop dll to connect to the COM server. Call 
> some methods and disconnects. I have created another script to stress 
> test this "library" to basically connect to COM server. Then 
> repeatedly create COM objects, call methods, do intermediate cleanup 
> by calling Marshal.ReleaseComObject. This part seems like leaking memory.
> Now my question is:
> - Can anyone point me to a tutorial on detecting memory leak in 
> IronPython?
> - Do we have tools that can help me in detecting any dangling objects?

WinDbg is you friend for your problem. Check this blog:

-- Lukáš

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