[IronPython] how to access a SysModule variable from a script

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
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Do you perhaps have 2 different script engines here?  It appears you are creating "_scriptEngine" and executing the code against that engine.  But you are getting the sys module from "scriptEngine" and setting the variable against the script engine.  If I change these to both use the same script engine it works and I can access the variable using "sys.mySysVar".

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Subject: [IronPython] how to access a SysModule variable from a script

hi all
    I have a program in c# which hosts IronPython scripts. I set a variable in SysModule using this:

Dictionary<String, Object> options = new Dictionary<String, Object>();
options.Add("ShowClrExceptions", true);
options.Add("ExceptionDetail", true);
options.Add("Debug", true);
ScriptEngine _scriptEngine = Python.CreateEngine(options);
ScriptScope _scriptScope = _scriptEngine.CreateScope();

ScriptScope sysScope = scriptEngine.GetSysModule();
sysScope.SetVariable("mySysVar", true);

_scriptEngine.ExecuteFile("something.py", _scriptScope);

Now, I want to read variable "mySysVar" from inside the script "something.py". How can I do that?

I tried
import sys

if sys.mySysVar:

and also


but they don't work.

Thanks in advance

Ernesto Cullen
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