[IronPython] SciPy

Oleksii Bidiuk oleksii.bidiuk at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 22:04:48 CET 2010

Hi All,

I am not intended to add oil to the fire, but I am curious whether somebody
can comment on the statement of Mark

>> Our company uses C#.  I quickly discovered that C# and Python don’t play
well together ….

I have a similar situation, meaning C# application that needs to be a)
scriptable b) usable for image/data processing using e.g. NumPy and SciPy.
While IronPython seems to be the 'easy bet', I wonder if it is also a 'safe
bet' for the long term future and whether there are tangible alternatives
like e.g. PythonNET (I hope there are others, preferrably backed up by some
heavyweight/commercial players).

Can anyone comment on this one? Anybody is using or going to use IronPython
in commercial apps?

Thanks in advance.

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