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Just to add to Oleksii’s comment, I’m also in a similar situation where I’d like to make an application scriptable with any of my good Iron language friend.


I have been using IronPython and IronRuby for side projects for quite some time but not embedded in an application distributed to users.


I will probably be embedding both languages but at some point I will need choose one for my users as I will need to create some helpers.  I’m still hesitating between both languages so I’d like to know what others think about this.


* I prefer the expressiveness of Ruby but I think Python me be easier to learn (for a non programmer technical person)

* IronPython seems to perform much better than IronRuby but performance is not an issue in my case (compared to numerical computation)

* Since the Iron languages have been released to the community I’m afraid they will not be equally supported or even stop to evolve and support new .net features.  It seems to me that the IronPython community is bigger, so it might have a greater chance to survive or be able to continue evolve. 







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Hi All,

I am not intended to add oil to the fire, but I am curious whether somebody can comment on the statement of Mark 

>> Our company uses C#.  I quickly discovered that C# and Python don’t play well together ….

I have a similar situation, meaning C# application that needs to be a) scriptable b) usable for image/data processing using e.g. NumPy and SciPy. While IronPython seems to be the 'easy bet', I wonder if it is also a 'safe bet' for the long term future and whether there are tangible alternatives like e.g. PythonNET (I hope there are others, preferrably backed up by some heavyweight/commercial players). 

Can anyone comment on this one? Anybody is using or going to use IronPython in commercial apps?

Thanks in advance.


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