[IronPython] A good dotNET gui designer, plus IronPython VS2008 integration?

Lukáš Duběda loocas at duber.cz
Tue Feb 2 22:00:50 CET 2010

Hi there everybody,

I'd really appretiate if anyone could share their experience
with any good dotNET GUI designer. I'd love to have such
functionality I can get out of QtDesigner, where I visually
design my forms and buttons and what not and then just save
that GUI into a file or generate a usable Python code
out of it for my scripts.

And another question, is there any good integration of IronPython
into Visual Studio 2008? Or newer? I'm not a VS user, but since
we can get the VS Express for free, this'd be a valuable tool
for my IronPython programming.

Thanks a lot in advnace, cheers,

Lukáš Duběda
[T] +420 602 444 164

duber studio(tm)
[M] info at duber.cz
[W] http://www.duber.cz

[A] R.A.Dvorského 601, Praha 10
[A] 10900, Czech Republic, Europe

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