[IronPython] Minor Weirdness with 2.6.1 RC1

David DiCato ddicato at microsoft.com
Fri Feb 12 23:56:42 CET 2010

In IronPython, clr is a builtin module, so this error should theoretically be impossible. How did you run the script when it gave you the "Can not import module clr" error?

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I noticed some minor weirdness with RC1.  I un-installed 2.6 and installed 
2.6.1 RC1, then went to run a database backup script I have.  The first 
line in the script is...

import clr

When I ran the script, it said, "Can not import module clr".  Tried this a 
few times with the same result.  Then, I ran ipy from the command line, 
and tried 'import clr' at the prompt.  Everything was working fine after 
that, even across reboots.

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