[IronPython] IronPython Studio won't install, why?

Lukáš Duběda loocas at duber.cz
Wed Feb 24 17:35:10 CET 2010

Hi there everyone.

I'm having issues installing the IronPython Studio IDE.
I've downloaded the VS 2008 Shell Isolated and successfully
installed it. But the .msi of IronPython studio still
refuses to install. Is there anything else I need to do
in order to get it installed? The website doesn't
say anything about anything else, but the VS prerequisite.

Thanks a lot in advance, cheers,

Lukáš Duběda
[T] +420 602 444 164

duber studio(tm)
[M] info at duber.cz
[W] http://www.duber.cz

[A] R.A.Dvorského 601, Praha 10
[A] 10900, Czech Republic, Europe

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