[IronPython] problems with cgi scripts

Count László de Almásy calmasy at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 07:02:26 CET 2010

is there any reason that IronPython is incompatible with CGI? i'm not
able to run even the simplest of CGI programs when certain CPython
modules are imported. for example, the following doesn't work - i
simply get an empty response in the browser (and no errors):



import base64

print "Content-Type: text/html"
print "hello"


however, if you remove the import of base64, it does work. importing
certain modules such as 'sys' don't break it, but most do (substitute
almost any CPython module for base64). it's not an issue with my
sys.path, i can import these modules fine from the interpreter. i'd
also think if it was an issue like that, i'd get an ImportError or
something, not just empty output with no exception or error.

any ideas?

Cheers, László

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