[IronPython] Silverlight IronPy Video Player

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Tue Jan 5 11:19:31 CET 2010

There's plenty of samples out there about playing video in Silverlight (with C# or VB), and any of those should be easily translated to Python as well. I'm assuming you're not having trouble with actual Python code, but you don't know where to start with video in Silverlight: the Silverlight 3 Video and Audio documentation is a great place to start: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc189078(VS.95).aspx. Let me know if you need help with the IronPython portion.


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Does anyone have an example of a Video Player in IronPython using Silverlight?
I would like to eventually build one. My Objectives are to dynamically generate the source Video Files in to the Silverlight App. But I can't seem to get past or find info on what is needed to build a Video Player using the IronPython/Silverlight controls


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