[IronPython] IronPython.Modules.dll bug when access from Delphi

Lukas Cenovsky cenovsky at bakalari.cz
Wed Jan 13 19:36:59 CET 2010

I have almost succesfully managed to access IronPython from Delphi 7 
(Win32). But I have also encountered a bug connected with 

Here are steps to recreate it:
1. Unzip the attached file somewhere
2) Put IronPython IronPython-2.6 with IronPython dlls to the same folder 
(or change the path in Host\build.bat)
3) Build the host with Host\build.bat
4) Run Host\Host.exe - it runs OK
5) Run Delphi\IpyTest.exe - it runs OK
6) Put IronPython.Modules.dll to Delphi\ folder
7) Run Delphi\IpyTest.exe - it freezes. It freezes during creating 
IronPython engine.
8) Host\Host.exe runs fine with IronPython.Modules.dll

I don't know how to debug this problem - can somebody please look at it? 
Thank you.

-- Lukáš

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