[IronPython] IronPython and Visual Designer

Don Sawatzky donsaw at comcast.net
Sat Jan 16 19:54:20 CET 2010

A good Visual Designer for IronPython is hard to find.  I was looking for a better GUI designer.  I was spoiled by the VB6 designer, and found the graphics APIs in CPython to be a hassle.  I discovered IronPython and WPF and set out to test them.  Visual Studio for IronPython is not so good.  I have so far settled happily on NetBeans with IronPython and Visual Studio for C#.  I generate great graphics in XAML files in Visual Studio and Kazaml (I stay Pythonic and never write C# code), read and parse the XAML files with IronPython code, and add support code.  I think M. Foord mentioned doing this somewhere on the Web.  I have experimented in this work mode to design with difficulty a Python editor with WPF's RichTextBox.  Writing a drag&drop GUI designer is hard.  I think someone should take over development of Visual Studio for IronPython.  That's seems a good place to start, and work it into a Silverlight IDE.

Don L Sawatzky
Spokane, WA
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