[IronPython] IronPython in Visual Studio 2008

Vicent vginer at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 18:22:02 CET 2010

Hello to all.

This is my first message to the list. I would like to ask you some basic
questions about IronPython. First of all, sorry for my English.

I've just discovered IronPython, and I am actually a new-by in Python, not
an expert programmer. So maybe you'll find my questions quite simple or

I read the first chapter of the classic book for IronPython (
http://www.manning.com/foord/SampleChapter1.pdf), and in pages 7-8 the
author says:

"Visual Studio 2008 integration exists in the form of IronPython Studio,
which is implemented through the Visual Studio Shell extensibility
framework. IronPython Studio can either be run standalone (without requiring
Visual Studio to be installed) or integrated into Visual Studio. It includes
Windows Forms and WPF designers and is capable of producing binary
executables from Python projects."

I am very interested in fully understanding this sentence above, because I
currently use C++ in MS Visual Studio 2008, but I like Python more.

So, with IronPython + Visual Studio 2008:

(1) Can I obtain compiled code from Python source, as efficient/fast/etc. as
if it was made from C++?
(2) Can I obtain executables (programs that people can install and use, in
the "normal user" language) as good/fast/efficient as I would obtain using
Visual C++?
(3) Can I easily link my Python code with existing external C/C++ libraries?
(4) (Similar to the previous one) Can I easily link my Python code with
some C/C++ source code (I mean, mixing up Python and C in the same project,
in a transparent way)?
(5) Can I use NumPy, SciPy and other key (scientific) Python libraries in a
transparent way?

(or am I just dreaming??)

Any answer will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Vicent Giner
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