[IronPython] Error Iterating

David DiCato ddicato at microsoft.com
Fri Jan 22 05:08:41 CET 2010

You need to instantiate InstalledFontCollection in order to use its Families field directly. The code sample you sent gets Families from the type InstalledFontCollection, rather than an instance thereof, and thus tries to iterate over a property descriptor. Try the following:

>>> for f in InstalledFontCollection().Families:
...     print f.Name

Good luck,
- David

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Hello All,
   I'm working through a book and one of the exercise involves
building comboBox filled with the names of the installed
FontFamilies.  The code and error are:

>>> import clr
>>> clr.AddReference("System.Drawing")
>>> from System.Drawing.Text import InstalledFontCollection
>>> for f in InstalledFontCollection.Families:
...     print f.Name
TypeError: iteration over non-sequence of type getset_descriptor

The MSDN says that InstalledFontCollection.Families should be an Array
of FontFamily objects which I thought I could step through.  What did
I do wrong here?


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