[IronPython] Better NumPy/SciPy Support for IronPython

Keith J. Farmer kfarmer at thuban.org
Thu Jul 1 23:46:28 CEST 2010

holy-freakin-awesome :)
I've long lamented the lack of free, solid scientific packages with semi-official standing in .NET.  Frankly, I'd prefer something like this annexed into the BCL, but I understand why that might be overkill.  Maybe we need BCL Extensions for such things.


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Enthought <http://www.enthought.com/> , a company specialized in Python-based scientific computing solutions, announced <http://www.enthought.com/media/SciPyNumPyDotNet.pdf>  a partnership with Microsoft several hours ago at the SciPy 2010 <https://conference.scipy.org/scipy2010/index.html>  conference in which they're porting over the NumPy and SciPy <http://www.scipy.org/>  scientific software packages to IronPython.  A significant part of this effort involves duplicating these packages' C-based modules in .NET.  Previously, these libraries could only be consumed from IronPython very slowly using a C to .NET bridge.  Not only will this porting effort drastically improve the performance of Python's top scientific packages under IronPython, it's fantastic for NumPy/SciPy in the sense that it enables an entirely new community of (.NET) developers to utilize and contribute to these libraries.  Also, Enthought's refactoring work will make it easier to run these packages against all implementations of Python, not just IronPython.  It's expected that NumPy will be finished by September and SciPy before the end of the year.


The IronPython Team



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