[IronPython] overriding methods from C# classes

Marcin Krol mrkafk at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 19:59:24 CEST 2010

Thanks for replies, Dino!

Dino Viehland wrote:

>> 1. when IPY 2.7 is to be released?
> Our current plan is around the end of this year.

That's a pity, I need to get rolling with this relatively soon.

>> 2. Documentation. This sort of worries me: where do I get the detailed
>> info how to use this stuff? So far I have developed only in CPython/Linux...
> Most of the documentation for WPF will apply here.  We'll need to document our
> LoadComponent but I actually think you won't need to know much about it.  And
> for what it's worth is basically mirrors what C#/VB.NET are doing with XAML it's
> just more dynamic.
> Of course if you want to continue to deploy to Linux w/ IronPython then I think 
> WinForms is actually your best bet and you're on the right path.  I say that 
> because Mono has WinForms support but not WPF support.

No, it's not like that: CPython/Linux is my server part of client/server 
app, IronPython/Windows is my client app platform.



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