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Bill Chiles billchi at microsoft.com
Sat Jul 17 21:05:23 CEST 2010

Thanks for the bug reports, Steve!  Ironically, you couldn't know we were trying to get the next release out yesterday (and with sources :-)).  I've entered several bugs for those things you mentioned that are still in IPyTools.  We've been maintaining bugs internally until we got the sources out and put tools into our normal releases, but we'll be moving all those bugs to codeplex so that they are publicly visible soon.


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Thanks for the new version, it's much more stable and pleasant to use.
I've thrown together another list of bug/annoyance/enhancement ideas -
feel free to take or leave as appropriate.

- Closing parentheses doesn't hide parameter information when using a generator
For example, "sum(i for i in xrange(100))" doesn't hide the sum()
tooltip on the last close parenthesis (though it does close the
xrange() one on the second-last).

- Nesting parentheses hides parameter information prematurely
For example, "sum((xrange(100)))" hides the sum() tooltip on the
second parenthesis.

- The completion dropdown appears after pressing space
For example (completion appears when the cursor reaches the pipe
characters): "i |for i |in xrange(100)"
(My) expected behaviour would be "i for |i in |xrange(100)" or
possibly "i |for |i |in |xrange(100)" or "i| f|or i| i|n x|range(100)"
(In particular, I can't think of any situation where you have two
adjacent identifiers separated by a space.)

- Relative paths when adding files to a project (which I believe has
been reported already, but I'm not 100% sure)

- 'Exclude from Project' alternative to 'Delete'ing project items
Deleting/moving/renaming via the IDE can annoy some (non-integrated)
version control systems (most of them, I think) so my usual method is
to remove the file from the project, move/rename using VCS and re-add
to the project. (The C++ Remove/Delete dialog is also okay. Depends
whether the aim is to move closer to C# or C++, I guess.)

- Pressing Enter at the start of some block statements (such as 'if',
'def' and 'for') keeps indenting that line
Doesn't happen when the block is completed on the same line (eg. 'if x: x += 1')

- Comments ending in a colon are treated as the start of a block
statement (for auto-indent purposes)

Okay, that's three days worth of things, so I'll send this now and
start a new list (well, hopefully I don't need to ;) ). Thanks for the
great work and responsiveness.


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