[IronPython] changes in COM access from IronPython 1.1

Ernesto Cullen ecullen at fibertel.com.ar
Tue Jun 22 20:44:37 CEST 2010

hi all,
     we have a problem with a project after updating it to IPy 2.6.1. We 
need to use a COM library; we add the reference in VS which creates the 
interop.XXX file. In IPy v1.1 we could access the imported types 
directly, like

LN_AclEntry = LN_dbACL.GetEntry(entryName)

if (LN_AclEntry == None):
   DebugMessage("%s entry does not exist in database: %s" %(entryName, 

the important line here is the last one: in IPy 1.1, LN_AclEntry is an 
instance of LN_AclEntry {Domino.NotesACLEntryClass}. In IPy 2.6.1, this 
same variable is of type LN_AclEntry {System.__ComObject}.

This means we can't access Level property and compare with ACLLEVEL 

Is there something we can do to get v1.1 behaviour back? If not, can we 
cast somehow the object to the correct type?

Thanks in advance,

Ernesto Cullen

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