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Changeset Id: 1889432
Date: 6/25/2010 12:38:31 AM

Some updates to the IronPython tutorial making it release-ready for IronPython 2.7 Alpha 1.  We still need a comprehensive review of this doc after the final Beta ships.

IronPython Tutorial:
- .NET 4.0 is now the min bar for running IronPython 2.7
- VS 2010 is required to build IronPython 2.7
- ripped out "Merlin the Wizard" COM interop section.  Not available under Win7 and we already have a COM interop section on Word
- replaced the "there's no VS support for IronPython" blurb with a link to the IronPython Tools download page
- we still had a reference to VS 2005?!?  Removed
- updated some ipy.exe interactive session’s output
- replaced references to CPython 2.6 with CPython 2.7

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