[IronPython] Programming a package in c# (heirarchical modules)

djlawler at aol.com djlawler at aol.com
Fri Mar 12 19:55:18 CET 2010

I received no response from the PyCrypto folks.  I've gone ahead and 
put the project on bitbucket.  You can find it at:


ANY suggestions/patches etc would be great.  The easiest way to install 
it is to build the IronPyCrypto dll using Visual Studio (express is 
fine) OR SharpDevelop 3.  Then you can plop the dll into a directory 
called DLLs in C:\Program Files\IronPython 2.6 (assuming the default 
location for IP).  Then copy the Crypto directory into C:\Program 
Files\IronPython 2.6\Lib\site-packages.  You can also compile the 
python portion to Crypto.dll using SharpDevelop or (probably) pyc and 
put that DLL in the DLLs directory as well (then you don't need to copy 
the Crypto directory).  After that it should work if you do something 
like: from Crypto.Hash import MD4.  As it stands now it passes all the 
unit tests in PyCrypto.  winrandom is a pretty bad hack...but I 
reasonably happy about almost everything else.  Now that this is out I 
am hoping (very much), that someone from Microsoft can tell me if there 
is a better way to handle creating the modules in c#! (hint, hint)



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