[IronPython] CodeContext went from language-independent to IronPython-specific

Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
Mon Mar 22 03:47:28 CET 2010

Could you be specific about your scenario? What exactly is an "application-defined context" and the classes that would need an access such object?


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I am embedding IronPython in an application for scripting. I'm also making some C# classes "dynamic" by implementing the special DLR methods like GetBoundMember. My signatures for those special methods include the code context:

        public object GetBoundMember(CodeContext codeContext, string name)
            . . .

I make use of the code context to get access to an object that essentially represents an application-defined context. I like the idea of being able to support other dynamic languages like IronRuby in the future, and I was bolstered by the fact that I could implement the special DLR methods with Microsoft.Scripting namespaces only (no IronPython namespaces).

But in the newer versions of IronPython, the CodeContext type has been moved to an IronPython namespace, thus locking me in to IronPython. To remain independent of any dynamic language, am I going to have to implement the special DLR methods without the code context and find some other way to get at my app object?

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