[IronPython] Job offer: freelance IronPython developer

Lukáš Duběda loocas at duber.cz
Wed Mar 24 11:46:00 CET 2010

I know this probably isn't the best place to ask, but
since I'm not a programmer I don't know too many people who
do this for a living and since my company is looking
for a freelance IronPython developer (Python languege),
I don't really know where to look.

So, if there's anybody, preferrably from the Czech Republic,
best if from Prague, interested in developing custom
scripts to tie together our in-house software applications
via IronPython (and obviously dotNET), please drop me a line
at the mail below or call my cell directly.

This is a paid offer, of course, NOT a free project or anything
like that.

P.s. sorry everybody else for spamming these mailing lists. If you
know of a better place to look for IronPython devs., please,
I'll appretiate your comments.

Thank you in advance, cheers,

Lukáš Duběda
[T] +420 602 444 164

duber studio(tm)
[M] info at duber.cz
[W] http://www.duber.cz

[A] R.A.Dvorského 601, Praha 10
[A] 10900, Czech Republic, Europe

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