[IronPython] Gestalt, IronPython in Silverlight and embedded xaml

Michael Foord michael at voidspace.org.uk
Wed Mar 31 02:03:41 CEST 2010

Hello guys,

I'm getting to grips with 'gestalt', the new way of embedding IronPython 
in Silverlight:


It seems ok so far, I still need to package my app into a zip file and 
serve it locally (doesn't work from the filesystem) so you don't gain 
much in terms of workflow but it does seem a better way to structure 
Silverlight apps (keeping the runtime separate from the application).

It doesn't seem to me that embedded xaml is working. An html file with 
pretty much nothing but the following content doesn't show a Silverlight 
control (Firefox and IE on Windows 7):

<script src="http://gestalt.ironpython.net/dlr-latest.js"

<script type="application/xaml+xml" id="inlineXAML" width="200" height="75">
<Canvas Background="Wheat">
<TextBlock Canvas.Left="20" FontSize="24" />

When I attempt to use embedded xaml to create the Silverlight control 
and add a Python script for the application I was hoping to use the 
following to access the Silverlight UI:

root = Application.Current.RootVisual

root here is None and the Silverlight control is not displayed. Any ideas?




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