[IronPython] Testing Controllers in MVC.net via IronPython

andrew Wilson a.wilson82 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 01:29:59 CET 2010

I was trying to run some tests against the nerd dinner project for some
proof of concept code I am working on.  In this particular test, I was
hoping to test logging into the system via the AccountController.  The issue
I am running into, however, is that I am getting an access exception to the
app_data folder except its looking for it in the IronPython install

I thought to check and add another path (in the visual studio tooling) to
look at the application root but that had no effect.  Looking at the
os.getcwd(), it's set to the proper directory.  I also tried to manually add
the path to sys.path.append() as well.

Any thoughts on what is going on?


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